poem: Restless spirit

In the darkness of the eternal thoughts a wandering soul cries out for justice clinging to the cold bones of a dead memory Restless spirit, suffer no more! Look towards the abyss there comes the black death and revenge comes by his side.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGB5Lt56RCc


Cernunnos’s Path

Sunday. 6 am … In a distant cottage right in the middle of a lush forest Rob lay agonizing on his bed shaking in pain and horror. The room lit up with the first morning rays, as his eyes slowly clouded, he watched how some dark tree branches were coming out through his arms and [...]

Welcome home

After many hours of driving, Darlene and her 8-year-old twins Marie and Annette, arrived at the house of their maternal grandmother Hilda. The last time she saw her grandmother was after her parents funeral 30 years ago. Being an orphan at 10, her grandmother was the only family she had left, so she took care [...]